Patscherkofel 2.7.2016

New home, new adventures. Plenty of options right out of my new door. Unfortunately Innsbruck seems to be a place of constant rain so it’s kind of hard to do anything. At least it’s not hot 😛 Still there are windows of nice weather and we are slowly getting to know our new home better.

Patscherkofel (2246m) is a mountain in the Tux Alps, just south of Innsbruck where they held the downhill races during the 64 and 76 Olympic games. Since it is (kind of) summer we used our bikes to get up. I guess Patscherkofel is a good overall representation of Innsbruck we experienced so far and it boils down to one word: steep. Almost 1400 verticals of constant, unrelenting climbing. I guess that explains the huge number of electric mountain bikes 🙂 We prefer to suffer.

Our new home from the top of Patscherkofel

Author: Powdy Pow Pow