Alpinisteig 30.7.2016

After work I drove down to South Tirol to visit a colleague and enjoyed some proper Italian pizza and “other” specialties. That made getting up at 4 in the morning a little difficult but once we started going up and the sun come about it was all good. From Sexten, on the edge of the Tre Cime natural park it is about 2 hours up to the Zsigmondyhütte (2224m) and from there another hour to the entrance of the classic Alpinisteig Via Ferrata. We first did a little detour to climb the saddle of Forcella Giralba (Giralba Joch) to take a peek over to the “real” Italy. Then back down to the Ferrata entrance.

The Ferrata is sort of split in two parts. The starting eastern part is more a path with a rope for security but it is not really needed unless you are super scared of heights. This is also the part where you can take the famous “shadow” foto. After crossing some snowfields the route climbs up to Elferscharte. Things get a little more serious there after the path turns east towards Sentinellascharte. The terrain here is very wet and slippery. There has also been several big stone falls directly on the ropes so parts of them are gone. Still, with some sure footing no real problem. The last part you have to down climb to get to solid ground and from there it is another 2 hours descent back to the hut in the valley below. A long but easy Ferrata in magnificent setting. Unfortunately (again…) the clouds were hiding the famous views of the Drei Zinnen but that just means i’ll have to visit again. And that is not bad at all.


Author: Powdy Pow Pow


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